God created us for authentic relationships. We are to be connected with him in a restored relationship made possible through Jesus Christ, his Son.  Once we are re-connected with God we are in the best position possible to heal and begin to form more meaningful connections with others. If you have ever looked for “Churches near me” you know the importance of local community in Christ.

To experience the life God created you for, you need connection!  Connection with God and this Church is facilitated through 7 formal LIFE structures and lots of informal friendships and connection that enhance your experience of life in Christ.  Check out one of our these formal or informal ways to experience connection with God and others.

Contact us with your questions and for suggestions about the best way for you to connect.

LGCC is one of the best Churches Near Me to connect with fellow believers

LIFE Central Gatherings

Our weekend opportunities for all.

Join us for Sunday Gatherings at 9:00am and 10:30am.

LIFE Events

Shared experiences that help begin & deepen relationships.

LIFE Groups

Smaller circles to connect in authentic personal ways.

LIFE Training

Special equipping opportunities to help people grow.

LIFE Service

Hands-on involvement intended to bless others.

LIFE Support

Behind the scenes service helping everything else happen.

LIFE Lines

Special efforts to help more people have hope of life in Christ and other ministries.