God intends for us to mature and experience the good fruit he alone can produce in and through our lives. Growing is an ongoing process most effectively experienced as we live in vital connection with Jesus and with others on this journey of faith in him.  The goal of growing is to experience wholeness in Christ and to exhibit an increasing Christ-likeness in our relationships and responsibilities with others at home, work and in our community.

Growth in Christ and the Church is facilitated in a number of ways.  Lake Gregory Community Church has 7 formal structures intended to enhance your experience of life in Christ.  There are also many informal ways that people grow in their faith, hope and love and are helped to become who God has created us and our families to be.  Check out any of these formal or informal avenues for becoming who God created you to be as part of the LGCC family.

Contact us with your questions and for suggestions about the best ways for you to grow as part of the LGCC family.

Join a Local Church Community!

LIFE Central Gatherings

Our weekend gatherings for all in which experiences of worship, relevant messages and other opportunities are provided to encourage growth.

LIFE Groups

In addition to connection, LIFE Groups are a great way to begin to grow in your faith.  Through honest discussions around the message of the Bible, prayers together, meaningful relationships, and shared efforts to extend LIFE to others, you will be in one of the best circles in which to grow.

LIFE Events

Several of these shared experiences have a component that encourages people to grow and become who we were created to be.  This will especially be experienced in things like our Annual Men’s Advance,  Men’s and Women’s Conferences and Retreats, training classes and seminars offered periodically throughout the year.

LIFE Training

If you want to be equipped to take the next steps of the journey with Jesus, then check out the many training classes and seminars or participate in the many events and activities offered throughout the year that encourage us to keep growing.

LIFE Service

Selflessly serving others for their ultimate good is one of the best ways to grow in your own experience of God.  You share his heart when you move beyond yourself to express his love to someone else. We serve in our local community, neighboring cities and global missions alike.

LIFE Support

Many people volunteer behind the scenes to support everything else that happens in the life of the Church and our outreach in the community.  Serving others in these ways helps us grow.

LIFE Lines

Some find that focusing on some special need that people have helps them grow.  Using your gifts and abilities to give hope to others who are struggling can help you grow as well.