Growing in Christ naturally leads to an increasingly selfless love. Christ like love is expressed in very practical ways toward others.  Beginning to serve God’s purposes with our lives leads to deeper satisfaction in our hearts and a sense of fulfillment.  Done in the context of our relationships with each other and others we experience God’s presence and joy!

Service in and through the Church is facilitated in a number of ways.  There are 7 formal structures and many informal ways through which we seek to serve others for their ultimate good.  80% of what happens in a healthy Church just happens spontaneously.  The rest is organized and facilitated through people committing to help beyond themselves though formal structures. Check out any of these structures for serving as it fits how God has shaped you and wants you involved in this season of your life.

Contact us with your questions and for suggestions about the best ways for you to begin to serve God’s purposes in and through LGCC.

LIFE Central Gatherings

Some have gifts and abilities that can bring value to our experiences in our Central Weekend Gatherings.  If you are interested in worship, audio visual, children’s ministries, youth ministries, hospitality, greeting, safety team, or others ways of serving people participating in the Central Gatherings, please contact us.

LIFE Groups

These smaller circles of connection are actually one of the best and most personal places you can begin to use your gifts and abilities to bless others.

LIFE Events

These shared experiences involve a lot of preparation and help to make them effective.  If you would like to be a part of service team planning, organizing and implementing any of the meaningful events throughout the year, contact us!

LIFE Training

Training classes and events also require help getting them organized and done well.  Let us know if you would like to be involved in the equipping ministry of the Church.

LIFE Service

Service opportunities also require advance preparation, communication, coordination, and support in a variety of ways.  Let us know if occasionally helping with some special service opportunity ignites a passion in you!

LIFE Support

If you are more of a “behind the scenes” kind-of-person, this may be the best way for you to serve. There are a number of service teams in the life of LGCC that help everything else happen.  Opportunities to support can be tailored to your availability and abilities.

LIFE Lines

These special avenues of offering hope to others also requires lots of people involved in a variety of ways.  If your passion is to pray for others, or be a sponsor to someone in recovery, or to facilitate the support and involvement in mission activities, or to just be a supportive friend to someone, this may be the avenue for you!