Next Steps 

Are you exploring who Jesus is or new to your faith? Or have you been a disciple for years? Great! We all have a Next Step. Next Steps is a discipleship pathway for our church family to grow together. 

A Basic Pathway of Connection, Growth, and Service

Make a public declaration that you have entrusted your life to Jesus as your Lord and Savior.
Engage with us every week (in-person or livestream), read your Bible daily, and apply what you learn.
Joining a service team is a mark of a growing Jesus follower. Be part of bringing ongoing transformation.
Life Groups
We all have an inner need for real community. Groups are foundational to our life as a part of Lake Gregory Church and a great way to grow in loving God and loving people.
Join God's movement by being a generous person. Give to Lake Gregory Church regularly and others as you see a need.
Jesus intended for all of his followers to be a disciple who makes other disciples. Share your story and lead others through their own Next Step.

Still have questions?

Feeling stuck on your Next Step? Feeling like you have plateaued spiritually? We have all been there. Set up a time to be personally encouraged and equipped by clicking here.