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Come celebrate and honor the men in your lives who have made an impact, from dads, grandpas, and uncles to teachers, coaches, and small group leaders. Experience the family atmosphere of real connection at Lake Gregory Church. All are welcome!

Father's Day gatherings are at 9:00am & 10:30am on Sunday, June 16th

Join us for the final message in the series titled "The Best Relationships" with the  topic on "Self-Control." Come as you are and dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable. The service will last approximately 60 minutes and there will be refreshments on the patio with opportunities to meet a neighbor and connect with someone new!

Lake Gregory Church has exciting environments for children and teens. All our volunteers undergo an extensive screening and background process and are ready to ensure your kiddos have a safe and meaningful visit. There is a Kid's Ministry kiosk in the foyer where a volunteer will be available to help you check in your kids and direct them to the appropriate class.

"I love LGC because it's home. When we first started coming here the church family loved us and welcomed us. I'm grateful we found home at LGC."

- David Cover

"I love the connections we all have with individuals throughout the church. Being a part of a supportive church family has made an invaluable impact on our family."

- Wes Hartshorn

"LGCC is full of wonderful opportunities and memories that provide spiritual and personal growth. I personally appreciate the support from other young fathers who have bonded through our marriage groups and have supported each other through difficult times, the support and love from the older men who have come into my life and have picked up the slack of being a father figure in my life and God grandparents to my children like Steve Guidero, and I really appreciate the love, support, friendship, spiritual guidance and mentorship that I received from Brandon Van Dyk. It's an amazing and rare find to join a church that puts love and community at their core and it has been pivotal to changing my life and growing closer to God."

- Darryn Fallis

"My experience with LGC has been welcoming, loving and supportive. I enjoy volunteering and worshipping with a community of people that love Jesus and others."

- Isaac Ndei

"I am very grateful for LGCC. This church is where I got to know and learn the heart of Jesus. We are so blessed to have Dan and our assistant pastors teaching and mentoring us on the word of God. This is a very loving, caring and giving church family."

- Wayne Morris

Connect with our Men's Ministry

Our Men's Ministry hosts a variety of small-group bible studies during the week as well as events throughout the year that provide men with the opportunity to connect, grow, and serve with each other as they pursue their walk with Christ. Find community here!