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Dan's Den

The Best Relationships-PEACE

Dear Church Family and Friends,  

I had a grandfather who was one of the most peaceful people I have ever known. His journey through life was not without conflict and pressures and reasons to worry. But by the time I really knew him, his faith in the Lord Jesus had produced in him a quiet confidence in spite of circumstances. This God-given peace had a positive effect on everyone around him.

Faith in Jesus Christ produces peace in our hearts. This peace is not based on peaceful external circumstances. In fact, it is more deeply formed in us through difficulties and struggles. Our peace is produced by a trust relationship with the person who is our peace -- Jesus Christ.  

This Sunday, be inspired to allow the God of peace to produce His peace in you. May all of your relationships be positively impacted by you becoming a person at peace with God and who pursues peace with others.

Love and prayers,

Pastor Dan

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