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Bruce's Blessing

Hanging on to Faith in a Fallen World

Dear Church Family and Friends,  

This week we will start a new four-week series: “Faith in a Fallen World.” This beginning message is Hanging on to Faith in a Fallen World. When my wife Sandy and I were little ones in Southern CA in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, our neighborhoods were pretty stable and secure. You may not have been a church-going family, but you respected those who did. And our town lived by Biblical ethics of family and virtue. We safely played unsupervised in the neighborhood, and our dads told us to come home for dinner when the streetlights turned on.
A lot has changed over the past 60 years. Our culture has dramatically moved away from its Biblical roots. And the challenge for today is that those deeply planted Biblical truths are being torn apart by a culture that has chosen to accept a lie that faith and all that comes with it is garbage... or to others, just plain evil.
So how do we, as believers in Jesus, hold on tight to our faith when it is being trashed by so many around us? This Sunday will answer that question.
Be confident; God’s got this. Every one of us is on this planet for a reason, and I’m honored and excited to be a part of His plan.

Love and prayers,

Pastor Bruce

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