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Dan's Den

The Best Relationships-PATIENCE

Dear Church Family and Friends,  

What do you feel when these kinds of things happen to you: You asked your kids to pick up their toys 20 minutes ago and they are still everywhere? Your spouse said they would be home at 6 p.m. It is now 6:45 p.m. You hurry to pick up something at the store and you run into four friends and neighbors that all have something to ask you about. A car cuts you off on the freeway. The person who is supposed to be serving you and your family is focused on their phone or their friends. (We could go on, right!?)  

We all appreciate when others are patient with us. But, we aren't always good at having it with others, especially when their actions or attitudes aren't matching up well with our plan and preferences. Jesus' patience with us produces patience in us toward others.  

This Sunday, may God help our hearts to see his great patience with us and may His Spirit help us have that kind of patience with those around us.

Love and prayers,

Pastor Dan

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